About Us

Stefanie Kleine has worked in front of the camera as an actress and behind the camera as a writer and producer. Her experience provided exposure to the inner workings of the film and television industry from multiple perspectives. Being highly observant, Stefanie noticed that every time she was on set for a shoot, the crew members would be talking about their need to secure their next gig. It was then that Stefanie realized that there was no resource to assist below-the-line talent in applying for and securing work with upcoming productions. Simultaneously, production companies were always in need of quality crew members. It seemed that facilitating access for below-the-line talent and production companies to discover one another would be mutually beneficial while filling a much needed void in the entertainment industry.

HollywoodJobBoard.com was started in order to provide a platform for production companies to post open positions for below-the-line talent. Stefanie wanted to do something to help talent more efficiently and effectively search for and secure their next project. “It is a win-win for production companies and below-the-line talent. Both have needs and now they have a way to find each other,” Kleine says excitedly.